Living Documents

Blogs, forums, wikis and social networks solve variations of the same problem. Unfortunately they are not integrated enough. A blog post is not dynamic and flexible as it could be. Writing a post should allow me to take advantage of:

Collecting arbitrary structured data from the recipient rather than just a freestyle comment box at the bottom of a document. Information can be collected within the article such as small call to action button buttons that when clicked add form fields for the user to contribute to.
Allow users to provide corrections such as spelling (wiki functionality)
Split up the document into reusable components (wiki like transclusion)
Rendering data in multiple ways

This document is an example of a living document. There is a reasonably consistent pattern of idea headings and a number of bulleted list following each. I should be able to rename all headings of the same type in one go (because they are connected) or create a new idea through the interface which will automatically create an idea heading and the bulleted lists.


Google Wave
.plan file